About Superphoto

Super-Photo can treat facial redness and super-fine varicose veins, such as capillary dilations and superficial veins. Very fine spider veins or web-like veins (under 1 mm in diameter) can be effectively removed.

This technique is gentle and non-ablative. Most patients are satisfied with the results. The numbers times for this treatment is decided according to the individual's condition, in most cases, several sessions spaced-out over one month intervals is required to obtain optimal results.

A certain range of pulse activates the skin's fibroblast, promoting collagen rejuvenation in the inner skin and gently removes old skin cells from the epidermis.

IPL has a range of wavelength that can improve multiple skin damages including acne, while laser has a single wavelength.

Super-photo is very safe with minimal pain, unlike laser treatment. Patients can apply makeup immediately after the treatment.