Varicose veins Q&A

Followings are the questions we have received from our customers:

QCan varicose veins heal by themselves?

AIn rare cases, varicose veins get smaller as clogs are developed in the veins and recirculation stops. Generally speaking, varicose veins get worse without treatment.

QWhat are the side effects of a varicose vein treatment? Can it cause death?

AWe cannot rule out the possibility that large veins will not burst during treatment or that the blood will not clog and clog lung artery.

QCan I clear my varicose veins with medication?

AUnfortunately, you cannot. Some medications work to alleviate such symptoms as pain, but do not effect on a permanent and complete cure.

QCan I clear my varicose veins with compression stockings?

AYou cannot cure varicose veins with compression stockings but can slow their progress. They are used for after treatment.

QWhat is the benefit of Laser Treatment?

ACompared to conventional surgery or sclerotherapy, Laser Treatment is:

  1. Non-invasive
  2. Quick, fewer sessions are required
  3. It requires no hospitalization. A patient can leave after a short rest after treatment.
  4. You have to wear compression stockings for only a short time after treatment.
  5. You can resume normal activities right after the treatment.
  6. No noticeable scars
QIs Laser Treatment safe?

AThere are two types of laser treatments and IPL available and which one is appropriate for you will depends on your condition.

  1. Bulging, swollen type (5mm-2cm in diameter) → Endo Laser Treatment
  2. Web type, spider veins (approx. 1mm) → Mydon Laser Treatment
  3. Fine small varicose veins, vascular enlargement → Super-photo
QIs Laser Treatment safe?

ALaser treatment is safer than striping surgery, and far less invasive, as long as a skilled surgeon performs the treatment.

QCan I have Laser Treatment at my age?

AOf course you can. Patients of any age can have Laser Treatment.

QDoes health insurance cover Laser Treatment?

ALaser Treatment is not covered by health insurance.

QHow much does Laser Treatment cost?

AEndo Laser Treatment - 300,000 yen per leg Mydon Laser, Super photo - 10,000 to 100,000 yen per leg

QHow long does Laser Treatment take?

AEndo Laser Treatment takes 30 to 60 min per leg and 1 to 2 hours for both legs. Mydon Laser and Super photo takes 30 to 60 min.

QHow long do I have to stay in the clinic?

AFor Endo Laser Treatment, please arrive the clinic 1 hour before the treatment. You can leave about 20 minutes' after the treatment.

QWill I have a relapse after treatment?

AYou may be experience a relapse although the chances of it is much lower than conventional surgery.

QDoes it cause scars?

AA 5mm-2mm scar made by this treatment remain but fade off over 1-2 years time after the operation, unless you have keloidosis.

QWhat should I do after treatment?

AEndo laser treatment; Follow up cares, once 1-week after the operation, then 2-3 times next every 1-2 month, are necessary.