About MLT

MYDON is a newly developed Laser Treatment system that can replace Sclerotherapy. This laser system is appropriate for veins that are very difficult to treat, such as anomalous little veins and superficial veins, Spider veins as well as red and blue vein irregularities can be treated as well.

Mydon vs Sclerotherapy

  1. Less painful
  2. No need to wear compression stockings or compression bandages.
  3. Superficial little veins that can cause cosmetic problems can also be treated.

Procedures for MLT

  1. Determination of laser treatment is made at the first clinic visit.
  2. A reservation is made. An anesthesia patch is given to the patient.
  3. This patch should be affixed on the night before the treatment.
  4. On the day of the treatment, come to the clinic.
  5. The patch is removed and treatment is given, according to the patient's condition, additional anesthesia may be necessary.
  6. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.
  7. Comprehensive cooling (about 10 minutes).
  8. A reservation for a follow-up session is made before leaving the clinic.


Breakfast as usual but please refrain from eating lunch. Water or tea before the treatment is fine.
It's best to wear loose pants or a long skirt and bring a hat large enough to cover bandage s after surgery. Heels, jeans or short skirts not recommended.
It's best to arrange for someone to pick the patient up after the treatment, Patient will be ready to leave within 1-2 hours after checking-in.
Regular medication is acceptable except those specifically instructed not to take before the treatment. Medication for high pressure, should be taken prior to the surgery. Contraindications are blood thinners such as, Bufferin, Byaspirin, Warfarin, Panaldine, etc.
PPublic transportation is fine post-treatment. Driving after the treatment with the right leg not recommended.
Treatment should be avoided if a patient has any illness such as cold. The patient should call the clinic if possible prior to the appointment date or appointment time and rearrange the schedule for treatment. Treatment during menstration is fine.
Bath or shower prior to the surgery. It is advised not to shower for 2 days after the treatment.