CDC6 RNAi Treatment

CDC6 RNAi Treatment

Opened in the year 2000, Kita Aoyama D.Clinic has been pioneering highly advanced medical technologies in various medical fields, especially by practicing day surgery, anti-aging care and the preventive medicine.This time we will introduce you to our three types of medical treatments.

-"The Cancer Genetic Test"
This medical technology is used to prevent cancer and to detect it at an early stage.

Intravenous Vitamin C is known to be an alternative and supplementary medicine. It supports and supplements incomplete part of the existing cancer treatment.

-"CDC6 RNAi "
This treatment is expected to be an innovative cancer treatment.

Medicine has been advancing day by day while many doctors have been making every effort day and night to develop any technology to diagnose and treat cancer. Despite such dedication and enthusiasm of those doctors, cancer is still uncontrollable and fatal type of disease.

Changes in our life-style and in the environment as well as longer life expectancy have caused the number of the cancer patients to increase.
In Japan one out of two Japanese is diagnosed as contracting cancer in one’s life time.About half of those cancer patients have been cured but the rest remained suffered from this deadly disease.
It is said that even among those who were dead of any disease other than cancer, half of those patients might have been contracting with cancer. It could be that those patients were not diagnosed as cancer patients.
It means that about 75% of the Japanese people will be suffered from cancer in their life time.
This percentage would increase further in the face of our current aging society, in which the incidence of cancer will be higher. It means that cancer will no longer be an extraordinary disease but will be an ordinary malady affecting the entire country.

To overcome cancer, which could be a disease of everyday occurrence, it is imperative and encouraged to practice preventive medicine to avoid occurrence of cancer and to detect any cancer accurately through check-up at an early stage to eradicate the disease.

On the other hand, there are many patients, who belatedly were diagnosed as cancer after the progression of cancer in the later stage as some of them failed to take any preventive action for the early detection of cancer. Or there are also people, who are experiencing the recurrence of cancer even after undergoing any regular standard treatment such as surgery. These are the patients, who will not be treated in the conventional standardized methods of treatment for effective and better results.

While cancer prevention is now being realistic approach, we have listed the above three medical technologies this time so that patients having difficulty in finding out any appropriate treatment will be taken care of by the right procedures.
We strongly hope one of our technologies will contribute to a part of your help in devising effective and advantageous treatment for any cancer patient.

Detailed Illustration of CDC6 RNAi Treatment

Overview It has been found that a massive amount of protein called CDC6, specifically being generated to promote cancer cell divisions, should be removed by a special technique so as to stop cell divisions thereby forcing the cancer cells to kill themselves.
This method is unique and innovative in that the treatment with only injections and intravenous drip is expected to be effective against any progressive cancer that conventional standardized treatment is not available,
Target Patients, who has been diagnosed with Scirrhous cancer having no suitable treatment
Patients with advanced breast cancer having no suitable treatment
*This method may also be applicable to some of the other various types of cancer.
Procedure and Frequency Outpatient care with less physical burden such as IV, local injection and catheter
Five times for one term
The number of terms depends on the conditions of each patient.
Time Required Two to six hours for one visit

This treatment is a type of gene therapy without targeting cancer as an enemy, but by emasculating the capability of unlimited proliferation of cancer so as to return those cancer cells to normal. This therapy utilizing special medical technique of RNA interference, eradicates CDC6 protein that exhibits overexpression to cancer to create specific nature of cancer.
By so doing, this therapy aims to stop the growth of cancer so that the cancer kills itself or to slowly neutralize those cancer cells so that those cells lose their vicious and fatal characteristics. This treatment has least physical burden on patient’s body. It has no serious side effects as seen in chemotherapy. This is a highly advanced treatment that can be used with hope for the cancer patients having no radical remedy available, as any conventional effective treatment such as surgery or radiation therapy are not applicable.

Cancer develops when genes in a normal cell are damaged. It is said that thousands of cancer cells are developed even in a healthy human body every day. Normally, genes and immune cells repair those damaged cells or remove them to suppress those cancer cells. However, this preventive system will lose its capacity for correction to make normal cells cancerous if cancer development elements, such as aging, fatigue caused by overwork, mental stress, smoking and excessive amount of active oxygen, should accumulate.

In other words, this treatment can turn the cancerous cells back to normal. It is not possible to say that we definitely eradicate all the advancing cancers 100%, but the therapy is significant in that a patient having any advancing cancer with no standardized treatment (insurance covered) available, can expect at least some radical treatment or prolonged survival. In fact it has been found that this therapy provided with effective results for intractable scirrhous stomach cancer and advanced breast cancer. There are some challenges such as a requirement to establish proper procedures in response to different conditions and types of cancer development and the extremely expensive cost of the treatment. However, this new therapy is expected to be highly effective for a patient still having no prospective method of treatment as well as for us, as clinicians, responsible for dealing with cancer.

Mechanism of CDC6 RNAi Treatment

  1. Cancer, as its characteristics, has an unlimited proliferation capacity and a capability to avoid demise of cancer cells.
  2. A massive amount of CDC6 protein in cancer forms the source of these characteristics.
  3. CDC6 RNAi (CDC short hairpin RNA) is delivered to the cancer cells with vector.
  4. mRNA (messenger RNA), a type of RNA associated with CDC 6 synthesis is destroyed.
  5. As a result, CDC6 is knocked down (eliminated).

※This method is accomplished as it is based on a molecular biological technology called "RNA interference"

A Recommended Book

In February 2011, we held a lecture conference at Hotel New Otani to introduce CDC6 RNAi treatment for the doctors and the patients. This book was published to share the discussions in the conference. If you are interested in the treatment, feel free to let us know at D.Clinic reception.


It is the newest book on Cancer Gene Therapy "CDC 6 shRNA Treatment" that protects the dignity of people who can treat cancer without losing quality of life (QOL).


Kita Aoyama D.Clinic "Cancer Gene Treatment Department"

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Example Cases: CDC6 RNAi Treatment

Here are the microscope images of a scirrhous gastric cancer and MRI images of breast cancer. Both show improvements by the CDC6 RNAi treatment.


The researcher, who discovered this method, introduced these cases in the presentation at 2008 International Union Against Cancer UICC World Cancer Congress.
One of the patients was a 55-year-old Japanese male. He was diagnosed with scirrhous gastric cancer. We practiced CDC6 RNAi treatment.
As indicated in the microscope images, the gastric cancer disappeared after a few injections. This patient was treated in October 2006. As of January 2012, this patient leads normal life with no relapse of the cancer.


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ①-1]
The pale white part in the image is cancer.
(Before treatment)


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ①-2]
In six months, the white part has been smaller.
(Six months after treatment)


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ①-3]
A year later, the image clearly shows that the cancer has become much smaller.
(A year after the treatment)


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ②-1]
The white deformed part closed to the center in the image is cancer.
(Before treatment)


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ②-2]
In six months, the white part has been smaller.
(Six months after treatment)


[Mammary Gland: MRI Image ②-3]
A year later, cancer was significantly recognized being smaller.
(A year after treatment)

Expected effects/advantages of the treatment

  • This method presents a possibility to cure scirrhous gastric cancer completely, even though proper method of treatment has not been found so far.
  • Effective treatment for advanced breast cancer can be expected.
  • Other cancer patients may even expect prolongation effect.
  • Cancer treatment is possible with less physical burden on the body, such as intravenous drip and local injection.
  • Fewer serious side effects as seen after chemotherapy.


  • According to approximately 100 cases of mostly terminal cancer patients, no serious side effect is reported. However, because we have not conducted any double blind test of a large scale yet, the medications to be used in CDC6 RNAi treatment have not been approved by the government authorities.
  • May cause temporarily shivering after treatment.
  • This treatment may not be applicable to all types of cancer for complete cure.
  • The cost is high.

Cost: Treatment and Management

Dosage may vary depending on the type of cancer.
For a terminal cancer patient, dosage in general is 5 to 20 units each time.
After conducting the treatment of once or twice a week to confirm the effects, dosage is determined.

《Cost for Medicine and Management》(Tax included)
5 units...JPY 302,500
10 units...JPY 467,500
20 units...JPY 797,500

A patient with an intestinal obstruction and a low appetite due to Stage 4 scirrhous gastric cancer was administered 60 units of the medications for two months.
Symptom of the patient was completely cured and the disease did not advance any more.
Since then, the patient continued to be administered ten units of the medications once every three to six months.

Kita Aoyama D.Clinic "Cancer Gene Treatment Department"

Address:ARK WISE BLDG.3-7-10, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan