Appointments & treatment planning

Steps of Treatment

Please call 03-5411-3555 and make an appointment for the date and time. Visit the Clinic


Please call 03-5411-3555 and Put mark on blood vessel while examining the area with ultrasound


Enter the operating room and secure the line for intravenous drip

Check with ultrasound examination and give anesthetic around the vein in which the laser fiber is inserted.

Give anesthetic and insert laser fiber to intravascular

Irradiate laser (there is no pain at all).


Remove laser fiber and the treatment is done. It takes around 10 minutes for one leg.

Get up by yourself from the operating table, and move to the recovery room.

Take a rest about 20 minutes, receive any necessary treatment and put on compression stockings.


Check for the next appointment and go home.

The flow of long pulse YAG laser treatment

1: Make an appointment

Please call 03-5411-3555 and make an appointment for the date and time. If you would like, you can receive the doctor’s counseling on the phone by telling the current symptom.

2:First examination

Visit the clinic on the date of appointment for the interview, visual inspection and echo examination. Initial examination will take about 20 – 40 minutes (It will cost 8,990 yen. If you have Japanese medical insurance, please bring your insurance card.) Vascular surgery specialist examines and inspects to assess if laser treatment is effective and adaptable. In some cases, other treatment may be suggested.


If you desire, make an appointment for the next laser treatment. Dr. will provide an orientation and explain any points you are worried about until you are satisfied.


Revisit the clinic on the date of appointment and have a long-pulse YAG laser treatment. Operation will be performed by a doctor who is specialized in vascular surgery, dermatology, plastic surgery and expert in laser operation. Operation will take about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the irradiation area.

5:Follow up

In 1 to 6 month after the operation, we perform a follow-up examination to check if additional treatment is necessary and how after care goes.

Warning on the treatment

By using long pulse YAG laser, the surgery of small vein varix or dilatation, which had been given up until now, became possible. In the U.S. and Europe, this laser treatment is widespread since it has high demand and is very effective, and it will also prevail rapidly in Japan in the future. This treatment is very prospective because it is simple and highly effective, but the following warning should be addressed.
  • Several treatments may be required. In that case, more than one month interval is necessary.
  • Avoid suntan for more than 1 month after the surgery in order to prevent temporary pigmentation after inflammation.
  • Condition improves by laser radiation but may not be extinguished completely. In that case, additional treatment (Sclerotherapy or IPL treatment) may be required.