Treatment of spider or reticular veins

About long pulse YAG laser treatment

For the treatment of fine blue and red ”reticular” or ”spider web shaped” varicose vein, “sclerotherapy” was used before, where “hardener” is injected directly into the affected vein to stick together the walls within the vein, but recent “long pulse YAG laser (G-YAG laser)” can cure the fine-type varicose vein that was considered difficult to be treated by sclerotherapy, and it takes only about 30 -60minutes and a patient can go home soon after the treatment.

Also, no frequent visit to the clinic is required and the patient can return to the normal life soon after the surgery.

And since the treatment doesn’t use a scalpel to cut the skin, burden to the body is also very limited.

Comparison between sclerotherapy and G-YAG laser

  Sclerotherapy  G-YAG laser
Operation time  30 minutes 30 minutes
Frequency of treatments Many less
Pain during surgery Yes Controlled by anesthesia
Treatment for fine  varicose vein No Yes
Compression stocking Necessary Not necessary

Treatment mechanism

Irradiation of laser beam

Laser energy permeate through skin

Absorbed in hemoglobin selectively in blood vessel

Light energy transforms to the heat

Causes heat damage to blood or vascular wall

Vascular wall adheres and vasodilation disappears

Effectiveness of laser treatment

Effectiveness of G-YAG laser treatment on cancellous varicose vein


Pain during surgery
Since it is difficult to operate without anesthesia, we control anesthesia by applying anesthetic cream in advance and intravenous anesthesia during surgery.
Post-inflammatory pigmentation sometimes remains for 1 to 6 months. Internal or external medical treatment may be required to fasten the healing.
Blister, rubefaction
Since laser energy produces heat, the reaction like light burn can be seen sometimes. Usually it disappears naturally and leaves no scar. Simple medical treatment may be required.


The cost is 10,000 yen per 10 cm square, or up to 100,000 yen when irradiation is over the whole leg (or 200,000 yen for both legs.) If the area for treatment is about 10 cm square, it takes about 5 minutes for surgery. If it is for whole area of both legs, it takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. Fine blue and red ”reticular” or ”spider web shaped” varicose vein on legs is called “leg vein.”