Patient Satisfaction Survey

The result of patients’ satisfaction survey for varicose vein laser treatment

Since its start of varicose vein laser treatment, Kita Aoyama D Clinic periodically conducted after-treatment patients’ satisfaction surveys in a large scale and presented the result at the meetings of medical societies, thereby maintaining the high transparency of our medical treatments.

We will continue to hear the patients’ voice sincerely, and provide the best treatment to the people who suffer from varicose vein.

Method of Survey

Questionnaires were sent to the patients who had laser surgery as shown.


  • Age, Gender, Operation date
  • Condition at initial consultation, Current condition
  • Any complications
  • Degree of satisfaction of the treatment received
  • Other opinion

Result of the most recent survey (April 2015)

Questionnaires were sent to the patients who had varicose vein treatments at D Clinic during 2014.

Total number of answers received: 264


Very Satisfied
Satisfied 57.6%
Dissatisfied 3.0%
Very dissatisfied 0.4%

Received very positive result of 95.1% ‘Very Satisfied’ and ‘Satisfied’ combined.

Total result of patient satisfaction

As a result of the 3 times large-scale surveys conducted between 2008 and 2012, the degree of patient satisfaction on D Clinic’s one-day surgery for varicose vein was revealed as follows.

Total number of answers received: 937


Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied 41.00%
Neutral 0.90%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 4.50%
Very dissatisfied 1.20%

Patients’ satisfaction survey conducted in 2012 (presented at the academic general meeting of Japanese Society of Vascular Surgery in Nagano on May 24, 2012)

D Clinic positively used the 2000nm wavelength laser which is absorbed most effectively into the tissue among the instruments used for varicose vein treatments at present.  Since it was reported in the mass media such as TV many times, the number of patients is growing.
More medical institutions now offer laser treatment for varicose vein and patients have a choice of using insurance, but the degree of satisfaction of 2000nm wavelength laser treatment remains very high and stable. (91.1% ‘very satisfied’ and ‘somewhat satisfied’ combined.)

# of questionnaires distributed: 900
# of answers received: 436
Recovery rate: 48.9%


Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied 41.30%
Neutral 0.90%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 6.00%
Very Dissatisfied 2.10%

Patients’ satisfaction survey conducted in 2010 (presented at the annual meeting of Japanese Society of Phlebology in Miyazaki)

We compared the result of 980nm wavelength laser treatment which was covered by insurance and 2000nm highest wavelength laser treatment.  Both results were excellent, but 2000nm laser was found to be superior in terms of both the degree of satisfaction and result of treatment.  Since then, D Clinic keeps providing the cutting-edge laser treatment for varicose vein mainly using 2000nm laser.

2000nm laser (not covered by insurance)
# of questionnaires distributed: 252
# of answers received: 120
Recovery rate: 48.4%

Very Satisfied 35.00%
Somewhat Satisfied 59.20%
Neutral 1.70%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 3.30%
Very Dissatisfied 0.00%

980nm laser (not covered by insurance)
# of questionnaires distributed: 35
# of answers received: 11
Recovery rate 34.3%

Very Satisfied 45.50%
Somewhat Satisfied 45.50%
Neutral 0.00%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 9.10%
Very Dissatisfied 0.00%

Patients’ satisfaction survey conducted in 2008 (presented in annual meeting for Japanese Society of Phlebology in Hakone)

We inspected if laser treatment performs effectively for the severe case of varicose vein with skin lesions while laser was considered to be suitable for relatively minor case of varicose vein.  We received high satisfaction rate from patients and it was verified that laser is effective for the severe case of varicose vein.

2000nm laser (not covered by insurance)
# of questionnaires distributed: 119
# of answers received: 78
Recovery rate 66.4%


Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied 41.00%
Neutral 1.30%
Somewhat Dissatisfied 2.60%
Very Dissatisfied 0.00%

Patients’ satisfaction survey conducted in 2007 (presented at annual meeting for International Society of Phlebology in Kyoto)

Stripping surgery had been covered by insurance and conducted as complete-cure treatment, but hospitalization was mandatory.  Dr. Abo designed the method of surgery that can be performed in a day without hospitalization.
One-day surgery of laser treatment was the epoch-making treatment for the patients who suffered from varicose vein for a long time, and the degree of satisfaction was as high as stripping treatment.

Stripping surgery (covered by insurance)
# of questionnaires distributed: 506
# of answers received: 237
Recovery rate 47.0%


Very Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied 32.10%
Neutral 0.40%
Somewhat dissatisfied 2.10%
Very Dissatisfied 0.00%

1320nm laser (not covered by insurance)
# of questionnaires distributed: 230
# of answers received: 133
Recovery rate: 59.1%


Very Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied 39.10%
Neutral 0.80%
Somewhat dissatisfied 4.50%
Very Dissatisfied 1.50%

Kita Aoyama D Clinic periodically conducts anonymous survey regarding patients’ satisfaction on the treatment.
Kita Aoyama D Clinic is the first clinic in Japan that designed one-day complete-cure surgery for varicose vein, and since its prompt introduction of laser treatment, periodical patients’ survey has been conducted to dedicate to designing the finest treatment and selecting the best laser equipment. 

Answer to the opinion

Out of total 937 replies, 93.4% patients answered “Satisfied” on one-day surgery treatment of Kita Aoyama D Clinic based on the past 4 large scale surveys conducted.
The latest survey, where questionnaires were distributed to 900 patients and about half replies were received, show that 50% of the patients were “Very Satisfied” and 41% “Satisfied,” totaling to 91% satisfied.
On the other hand, 8% of patients answered “Dissatisfied” and some returned no answers.  We do the best on the treatment, but feel keenly that it is extremely difficult to meet everyone’s expectations.  Below are explanations to the patients’ opinions.

1. The appearance did not improve as expected

There are various conditions but most of the patients expect the improvements on the outside appearance.  Minor case of varicose vein can be recovered as ever in a short period, but for those who suffer large vasodilation due to heavy backward of blood flow or who have fine varicose veins at the same time, sometimes it takes long time to cure or the pathologic vein may not completely vanish.  However, since the hemodynamics is recovered to its normal condition by the treatment, improvement on the appearance is possible by certain additional treatment.  Some varicose veins react to the treatment poorly and remain, but we do our best based on the patients’ request.

2. Condition improved temporarily but recurred

Once laser treatment is applied, it is rare that the condition of the saphenous vein recurs completely (1 or 2 out of 5000 cases).  However sometimes the terminal vein doesn’t easily atrophy, or the vein that once atrophied apparently expands again because it didn’t adhere completely, or peripheral vessels were damaged after the surgery, and patients feel that the surgery caused the varicose vein afresh.  There is several % of possibility that varicose vein recurs on concealed vein and additional laser treatment is necessary, but, generally, visible improvement can be expected with additional performance of simple out-patient treatments such as sclerotherapy and percutanepus irradiation of laser.  Varicose veins have significant personal deviation and some are very complicated, therefore it takes several years to recover in some cases, or recovery is not straightforward.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any symptom that worries you after reasonable time past the surgery.

3. Pain, numbness, itchiness and/or pigmentation remains.

It sometimes takes time to recover from accidental symptom occurred after the surgery.  On the other hand, in many times, symptom did not occur because of the treatment or varicose vein itself.  In that case, the pathology that caused the symptom has to be diagnosed.  We can’t promise to remove the concerned symptom definitely, but will treat using the best medical technology at the moment.

4. Treatment was more painful than expected

We feel it is really difficult, but many times the medical providers’ common sense is different from patients’ sense.  Certain pain which medical provider thinks normal or the ideas considered for patients’ sake so that they feel no pain are sometimes taken contrary by the patients who feel that the shot was more painful than expected, or have no recollection of what happened during the surgery because of anesthesia despite that they were informed that consciousness stays, etc.  Communication is always difficult and very important.

5. Waiting time was very long.  Polite response is desired even in busy time.  Bill was expensive.

For the patients who chose D Clinic’s cutting-edge laser treatment over other laser treatments covered by insurance and other institutions which provide varicose vein laser treatments, we are dedicated to treat the patients in a rational and polite manner so that they feel the price is adequate.
We will work harder to obtain higher satisfaction rate from patients.
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any anxiety or concerns in the course of medical examination.