Provides surgery with no pain and scar

Surgery by well experienced doctors with no scar while sleeping comfortably

Endovascular procedure such as intravascular laser and high-frequency treatment uses local anesthesia because it is usually one-day (outpatient) procedure, but generally accompanied by pain at injection since the area is broad and need many injections.

At Kita Aoyama D Clinic, Dr. utilizes his professional skills based on the experience as an anesthesiologist; therefore a patient is under a comfortable sleep during the treatment and feels no pain.

Also, there remains no scar because we use external irradiation type laser or intravascular treatment such as sclerotherapy instead of incising and removing the dilated branch vessel. (*)

※About 2-3nm scar may remain at first with insurance covered 1470nm laser and high-frequency ablation treatment since it uses slightly larger needle. Maximum wavelength laser (not covered by insurance) uses very fine needle, therefore there remains almost no visible scar even right after the surgery.

Attending nurses are well experienced on anesthetic control

Kita Aoyama D Clinic is capable of providing high quality, delicate anesthesia daily and safely because not only doctors but also attending nurses are well experienced on the control of used anesthesia (intravenous anesthesia with fast recovery). With nurses who have attended thousands of surgeries with doctors, we treat patients under secured system.

Painless treatment that is similar to the gastro fiberscope where people are waiting for an appointment for half a year

Everyone who took gastro fiberscope examination in our clinic unanimously say, “I can take examinations every year without fear from now because the gastro camera I used to have with dying feeling was painless at all.” Please have a treatment without fear since surgery is performed with the same anesthetization method.

※Here are voiced of 26 patients after treatment