About Varicose Veins

People who have more risk to have varicose vein

Varicose vein is getting recognized broadly these days, but it is a vascular disease which is not accurately understood. Number of onset is not small. There are many reports that, among females of 40 year-old and more, about 10% have apparent varicose vein. There is even a report that 62% of male and female of 30 year-old and more have varicose vein if light symptom is included.


Female have relatively higher risk of having varicose veins than male

The reason is that pregnancy and childbirth, in addition to the weak muscle and blood recirculation, will be the causes for varicose vein. Corpus luteum hormone secreted during pregnancy makes vein soft and that induces varicose vein easily. Rate of onset increases on the second and third time as a female gives more birth.


Blood vessel weakens as people age, and one-way valve becomes fragile and the rate of onset increases.


When you have relatives who have the same disease, the rate of onset increases.

Jobs that require standing for a long time

Those who have to keep standing almost all day such as teachers, hair stylists, cooks, nurses and flight attendants have high rate of onset.

Person who experiences economy class syndrome

Keep sitting in the same position for long time will also become the cause. Some people have varicose vein as the aftereffect of economy class syndrome.

Tall people

Tall people with long legs have longer blood vessel and therefore have more tendency of having varicose vein.

Marathon runner, soccer player

Sports players who use legs hard tend to have varicose veins.