To those who come from a distance

To those who are worried “I want to have a treatment, but can I take it on the initial consultation because I have to travel far from a distance…”, the cases are increasing that people who live in Hokkaido, Aomori or Kyushu come to the clinic for the treatment on the initial consultation day and go back home in the same day after about 3 hours stay. Please consult us without hesitation even if you live in a distance and worried about the situation.

Access (reference only)

Access from Haneda airport (about 55 minutes)

Access from Tokyo Station (about 20 minutes)

Flow from visiting the clinic to treatment

The flow is as follows for those who live in a distance and desire the initial consultation and varicose vein laser treatment on the same day.

1. Please call at 03-5411-3555 and make an appointment for initial consultation.

First, please call and consult us without hesitation. Please state your wish for a treatment on the same day, current condition and area of the body for the treatment (right or left, calf, knee, thigh, etc.) Bumpy vein is a typical condition. In that case, you can receive intravascular laser treatment on the same day as initial consultation.

Rough schedule will be as follows.

1:Visit the clinic between 9:00-10:00 and take an initial examination -> receive surgery from around 11:30 -> go home between 13:00 and 14:00.
2:Visit the clinic between 14:00-15:00 and take an initial examination -> receive surgery from around 16:30 -> go home between 18:00-19:00.

It is possible for you to send emails or pictures and take a consultation in advance.

2. Visit the clinic

The flow of examination and treatment on the initial consultation is as follows. Visit the clinic

Put mark on blood vessel (vein) while examining the area with ultrasound

Enter the operating room and receive intravenous drip from an arm

Lie on your back or on your stomach for the treatment

Sterilize the side of the leg receiving a treatment, and cover the area with clean cloths

Puncture a needle into the blood vessel which need treatment

Insert catheter into vein.

Checking with ultrasound examination, give anesthetic around the vein.

Examining with ultrasound device decide the place to put the laser fiber, and perform laser treatment by pulling laser (2~3 minutes). Treatment is painless.

Apply adhesive plaster to the area the laser fiber is punctuated and treatment is finished. Wear compression stockings.

Surgery takes about 10 minutes for one leg.

Get up by yourself from the operating table, and move to the recovery room.

Take a rest about 20 minutes and receive explanation from a nurse about the after surgery care.

Check for the next appointment and go home.

It takes about 3 hours from visiting the clinic, initial consultation, laser treatment and going home.

3. Depending on the outcome, revisit the clinic and have another treatment.

A lot of patients come from a distance for the treatments. Please contact us without hesitation.