Cause and prevention of varicose veins

It is said that varicose vein is caused by malfunction of blood circulation. The below is the causes of blood malfunction.

  1. Leg muscle is weakened.

    Prevention: Habituate moderate exercise

  2. Negative pressure in thoracic is not sufficient because breathing is shallow.

    Prevention: Breath deep

  3. Blood viscosity is high (so called thick blood)

    Prevention: Drink water to prevent dehydration.

  4. Blood vessel hardness is low (soft) and easy to form the bump.

    Prevention: Abnormality of female hormone balance is considered to be the one of the causes.

Summary of preventive measures for varicose vein

  1. Drink sufficient water.
  2. Eat balanced meals including sufficient green and yellow vegetables.
  3. Have enough sleep.
  4. Do not get weight.
  5. Avoid keep standing.
  6. Make a habit of moderate exercise.
  7. Do not stay still in a narrow space, but move ankles and stretch frequently.

Preventive measure 1. Improve blood circulation in legs.

Blood tries to flow towards heart, but is always pulled downward because of gravity. To avoid overburdening the one-way valves that sustain the blood backflow, it is effective to lessen the burden from gravity as well as improve blood flow.

Sleeping with legs elevated on a little higher position is effective for improving venous blood stream because it solves the influence by gravity.

Walking everyday about 30 minutes or moving heels up and down makes the blood recirculation smooth because it makes muscle pumps in calves function and becomes driving force to return the blood to the heart.

It is possible that foot bath and half bath are effective to prevent varicose vein because it improves venous blood recirculation.

As of now, there is no report that varicose vein was cured by medication including supplements and herbal medicine. There are opinions that supplement and internal medicine are one of the preventive measures because those improve thick blood and blood currency. However, they are not scientifically proved and expected results differ depending on the conditions. Therefore,
please consult a doctor and take a medical advice.

Preventive measure 2. Wear compression stockings.

By artificially compressing the whole legs, the blood is strongly supported from being pulled down by the gravity. Wearing stockings while sleeping is also effective to prevent blood backflow since muscle pump of calves is nor working while sleeping. Compression stockings are available at pharmacy nowadays, but you can adjust the size and strength properly to your condition at the medical institutions.

You will get the best result by wearing the compression stockings with a proper size and pressure that fit to your condition under a doctor’s instruction.

Preventive measure 3. Solve the obesity.

Preventive measures for outset and recur of varicose vein

Recurring rate of varicose vein

Even if it is properly treated, varicose vein recurs at a rate of 10-20% after 10 years from the treatment. Varicose vein treatment progresses day by day, but has not reached the level for complete cure with no recurrence, yet. Daily self-care is necessary to prevent it from recurring.