Clinic Overview

Clinic Overview

Clinic hours

Monday to Friday: 9:30 – 18:00
Saturday: 9:30 -17:00

Kita Aoyama D Clinic is a medical clinic authorized to treat patients under health insurance coverage. One-day surgery and general practice are covered by insurance. Emergency patient can be treated without an appointment, but those who want to consult a doctor in limited time, who come from distance or new patients are recommended to make appointments in advance.

Multiphasic health screening and cosmetics dermatology are not covered by insurance and appoint must be made in advance. (If any disease that is covered by insurance is found after the screening or treatment, additional examination, treatment or medications will be covered by insurance). Telephone number for appointment is 03-5411-3555 in principle. We will ask your name, birthdate, desired treatment field, date and telephone number, etc. at the appointment.

Address 〒150‐0001 3-7-10 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5411-3555
FAX 03-5411-5666

Access to Kita-Aoyama D Clinic

7 minutes’ walk from Exit A2 of Omote Sando station, Tokyo Metro(Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Chiyoda line)

5 minutes’ walk from Exit 3 of Gaien-mae station, Tokyo Metro(Ginza line)

A series of Medical Counseling Room

Medical Counseling Room is the medical information web site created by the medical specialists in Kita Aoyama D Clinic to help more people understand the diseases deeper which are gathering rapid attention lately.

A series of Medical Counseling Room provides people with the information regarding not only the detailed explanation and various treatments of diseases but also the preventive measures for each of them. There is Online Medical Counseling Room section as well where your question regarding each of the diseases is answered in email. Please use online medical counselling freely since it is free of charge.

Medical Counseling Room currently running

Medical Counseling Room for Apoplexy

The site is created to help ordinary people cultivate deeper understanding the symptom the treatment and prevention of stroke, brain hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage which are the major diseases that induce apoplexy.

Medical Counselling for General Hormone Treatment

The site provides people with general information about the proper general hormone treatment to realize safe and effective anti-aging.

Medical Counselling for Varicose Vein One-day Surgery

The purpose of the site is to support the people who suffer from varicose vein, and provide with various information such as causes, symptoms, treatment and links to related information, etc.